About Bryan



Bryan's journey to becoming a preeminent photographer started in the 1980's as a dive instructor and boat captain in the Caribbean, where he took up underwater photography. After eight years on the islands, he decided to leave what many thought to be the perfect job, and enroll in the Art Institute of Fort Lauderdale to pursue a more formal education in the photographic arts. He received the "Highest Achievement Award", graduated in 1989, and started on his new path as a stringer for a local paper in South Florida. One day he complained to the picture editor about a particularly rough day - it had rained, he got stuck in traffic, etc. - and he gave Bryan a piece of advice that has stayed with him to this day. He said "No excuses; just great photos". 

Bryan has taken that mantra and tried to incorporate that simple, but true observation - to be a great photographer, you must take great photos - into his way of doing business. Over the years, he has come to realize that there are many aspects to taking great photos. By listening to the needs of his clients and creating a pleasant working environment, he has maintained a varied client base to include MCI, Cousins Properties, Frank Betz and Associates, Atlanta Home Theater, Sto Corporation, International Thermocast Corporation and Jan Jack and Associates. In turn, he has been able to use his abilities to create beautiful images, help fulfill the client's visual and marketing needs, and, most importantly, take great photographs.