Feb 10

When weather turns

When the weather turns it can give great photos. Spent some time last Saturday enjoying the snow we got in GA.

Aug 09

Going Home to Help Out.

Just over a week ago I went back to my home town of Ottawa Ill. for a number of reasons. One of which was to lend a helping hand or in my case a camera and eye to a old friend. This friend Kim “Howard” Johnson and his long time friend Walt Willey of ABC’s All My Children who is from Ottawa too and sorry to say no relation, restarted the Community Theater in Ottawa with the production of Neil Simon’s “The Odd Couple”.

Others that helped out that where from Ottawa are,

Travis Hagenbuch (Lighting Design) who is currently a Associate Designer with Full Flood Inc. in LA. with projects such as the The Academy Awards and the Grammy Awards.

Adam Rowe (Set Designer) is currently the art director for the Game Show Network’s live variety show the Big Saturday Night

The Cast was made up of mostly local talent from Ottawa and Streator with the exception of Jill Larson who is also on All My Children with Walt.

Now Ottawa is not a large town less than 20,000 but a great place to grow up I am proud of the fact that I could help out the area with my talents and to give back to the place I called home.

Jul 09

Kids Camp

I just added a new area to my web site called Kids Camp. This is all about summer fun.

Apr 09

Out of the norm

Sometime a client can ask for something out of the norm in photography. This is one of those requests. The client Sto called and asked if I had a thermal camera or knew where they could rent one. So I made some calls and and a friend in Dallas found a place in Seattle to rent them. So to speed things up Sto decided to rent the camera, then they called and said, they wanted me to operate the camera for them on this project to capture the thermal images of the sample they had. Needless to say I had to do some homework, I wanted to keep my client happy and calling me back.

So here is some of images and a portrait from that day.

Their is always room to learn more in what we do.

Mar 09

In the Pages of Garden & Gun

In the February / March 2009 issue of Garden & Gun is this ad that I shot for Cousins Property.